Enhance the performance of your PC.

Enhance the performance of your PC.

Slow performance of the pc depends on much hardware related issues. Your hardware configuration should be designed in such a way that it should fulfill the need of software and if not the performance of the pc decreases. If you are running programs parallely performance of your pc further decreases. Second most important thing is the RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) which computer uses for performing the calculations. If your computer does not have proper RAM capacity then performance of the computer decreases further. So, for enhancing the performance of computer one should upgrade the hardware. And if the hardware’s are not up to date than few settings will do the work…
There are 5 settings discussed below each setting have been tested on the author computer application of these settings on your computer will totally be on your risk author will not be responsible for any kind of damage.

First step:-
When you switch on your computer it enters in booting stage where it load and executes all the windows & the user start up programs. By user start up program I mean to say that the programs which the user have installed in there computer and which the user need at the start of the system. Many time while installing the software we don’t care about the startup thing which ultimately effects the booting time of the system.
To save this time follows these steps:-
1> Click on start
2> Click on run
3> Type msconfig
4> Click on ok
Then a window will appear where you will find a startup tab. This tab consists of a list of programs which starts once the computer is switched on.
It’s better to go through the list and uncheck all such programs which you don’t need at the start of the system.

Second step:-
Defragment your hard disk once in a month.
Windows store the information about the programs which are present in registry due to which the performance of the system decreases. Solution to this problem is to download a simple & free registry cleaner program (like ccleaner) from internet.

Third step:-
Indexing services –
Indexing service is a small yet effective program which is present in your computer for search purpose but the problem with this program is it uses more ram when executed.
So, if you are not using search in your computer uncheck this program for doing this follow these steps:-
1> Click on start
2> Click on control panel
3> Click on add or remove programs
4> Click on add/remove windows components
5> Uncheck indexing service
6> Click on next.

Let windows finish its installation (it may take few minutes).

Fourth step:-
Network service & printer
If in your system my computer takes more time in getting opened follow these steps:-
1> Click on my computer
2> Click on folder option
3> Click on view
4> Then uncheck automatically search for network folders and printers box.
5> Then click on apply
6> Restart your PC to set the changes.

Fifth step:-
Windows XP and vista consists of smooth, animated menus and transparent windows this also uses the processor which leads to a slow performance to prevent this follow these steps:-
1> Right click on my computer and go to properties.
2> Click on advance and go to performance setting
3> Uncheck some of the effects from the list
4> Click on OK.

Sixth step:-
Some time the dust forms a layer inside your computer hardware which decreases the performance and even increases the temperature of the computer.
This dust layer formed on the fan effects the ball bearing of the fan due to which it may stop working .Which can lead to processor overheating and can even make the processor nonfunctional.
If the dust layer is formed on the memory chip it can create a static electricity on its surface it can change into electric charge which can discharge the motherboard or the memory chip. It’s better to have a servicing of your computer by trained professionals once in a year.

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