HP Pavilion laptops booting problem

HP pavilion problems :-
1.Failed to start.
2.You tried to startup repair and it still didn't work.
3.You  tried to do a system restore and it said there are no restore points.
4.You tried to make a system restore point  in the system protection and it said :-
"Your computer is running in a limited diagnostic state. If you use system restore in this limited state, you cannot undo the restore operation."

if you get across any of such problems,then the solution to these problem is:-

1.Start your system press the key which takes you to bios (in my hp laptop it's f10)
2.In bios go to system configuration
3.There you will find SATA NATIVE SUPPORT it's in enabled mode just disable it
4.Save the settings and exit from bios.
5.Restart your computer.

try it, i think it will work...

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