Mounting Boot Image Using ImageX (Image Engineering)

ImageX is a tool which is installed after the installation of WAIK.
So, from the start menu go to the Microsoft Windows Automated Toolkit
Open the Deployment Tools Command Prompt using Administrative Rights. 


To mount an image you need to use the read write privilege’s so the command for mounting the image will be :-
Imagex /mountrw “path of the boot image” 1 “path of the folder where you want to mount the image”


After executing the above command it will “show successfully mounted image” once you get this you can directly go to the folder you specified.
Here you can modify any data present (add/delete).


Once the changes are made you need to commit the changes and unmounts the image so for doing this use the command:-
ImageX /commit /unmounts “path of the folder where you mounted the image”


After executing the above command you will get command saying:-
Successfully committed image.
Successfully un-mounted image.
Once you receive these commands your image is un-mounted now and now the boot image has been modified.

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