SCCM DB Move - Part 1 : DB Backup on Server 1

SCCM Database Move


 Server 1 –
·         Windows server 2008 r2
·         SCCM 2007 SP2
·         SQL Server 2008
·         DB created by SCCM – SMS_SVR

Server 2 –
·         Windows Server 2008 r2
·         SQL server 2008

Key Concept :-
In the mentioned scenario server 1 has SCCM installed which has created a DB called SMS_SVR in SQL server 2008.Now the aim is to move this DB to another server where SQL server 2008 is installed so that when SCCM on server 1 detects the DB which has been imported from server 1.
For making this happen the DB on server 1 need to be backed up and then restored on server 2.
This process is described below in this doc.

SCCM DB Back-up in server 1 :-
First, we need to stop all the SCCM services by executing the following command:-
“C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Bin\i386\00000409 \preinst /stopsite”
Then we need to take the back –up of the DB:-
SMS_SVR was the DB created by SCCM on server 1.

Right click on the DB name, go to task and select Backup.


Backup Database window will appear, now we need to provide the information of the backup disk.

Enter the location where you want to save the DB with the file name.

After the entry for the location is made, click OK to continue.

The Backup process will start:-