Part 1 - Create a SMB 3.0 Share

Live Migration of virtual machine in SCVMM 2012 R2

This is a 4 part series describing how to live migrate virtual machines in System center virtual machine manager 2012 R2 from one host to another using a SMB share.

Part 2 - Create file share

Part 3 - Assign file share

Part 4 - Live migration of VM


On the server created for SMB, Goto Server manager & click on file & storage services :-

Click on Volumes:-

Under volumes go to “SHARES”, you will find nothing listed over there & the console asks you to start the Add roles
and features wizard click on it:-

It will open the Add roles & features wizard & will automatically select the roles, just click on next to

Review the feature installation page & click next:-

Click Install to install the selected roles:-

Click on close to end the wizard:-

Go to the share again & click on “TASKS” then New Share:-

In the select profile page click on SMB share – Applications:-

In the share Location page select “Type a custom path” & provide a folder location where you want your data to be
written :-

In the “Share Name”  page the name of the share will be selected automatically, Verify the name & click on next to continue :-

Leave the settings default & click next:-

Click on “Customize permissions”:-

Click on “Add”:-

Click on “Select a principal”:-

Add “Computer” in the object type & enter the Hyper-V host name that will be connecting to the SMB share, then
click on ok to continue:-

Click on “Full control” & then click on OK:-

 Click on OK, to end the wizard:-

So, basically using the above steps we have provided Hyper-V host permission to use the SMB share repeat the
same process for all Hyper-V hosts , Review the server permission & click on next to continue :-

Click on Create to, create the share:-

Click on close to end the wizard:-

Review the SMB Details:-

Now, the share or the SMB is created you can test the working of SMB share by creating a virtual machine on the hyper-v server which has been provided permission to use the SMB. VHD of the newly created virtual machines will be stored in the SMB share.

Next Post of the Series :-

Part 2 - Create file share

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