Windows 10 Technical Preview



Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise

New Build for Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise




Click on Next :-

Click on "Install Now"

Accept the EULA & click on Next

Select Custom : Install Windows only (advanced) option

Select the partition & click next

Installation begins

Click on Express Settings

Select Create a new account

Select "Sign in without a Microsoft account"

Type the account name & password & let windows finalize the settings

Let's Start :)

Here's Windows 10 Desktop

We get the start button which now has the metro apps too & there is a power button next to the user name.

Check the windows layout

Windows layout in Windows 8, check the differences :-

The Alt + Tab even works in Windows 10

Snap, snap & snap windows 10 is all about snapping. Now you can have 4 application snapped to each corner of your desktop.

Enhanced search, even provide web results

Click on the icon next to the search icon in the task bar it's called the "Task View icon". You can add a desktop from here. Now you can have a desktop for Work & a separate desktop for Home.

& the login screen


  1. Waiting for the release.....this is really gonna make a big change

  2. Just herd that Microsoft has planned to include Cortana & a new Xbox app in the Windows 10 new build..Now, it surely will be a single OS for all devices !!