Create a bootable ISO using OSCDIMG tool (Included in WADK/WAIK Toolkit)

This post describes how to create a bootable ISO using OSCDIMG tool.

Steps :-

1. On the machine were WADK/WAIK is installed, This tool is available in the following location  <Installation Path>\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64.

If you don't have WADK or WAIK installed, just download the tool from here :-



2. For creating a bootable ISO, file is also required. Which can be downloaded from here :-

3. Once you have these files in place.

For the machine with WADK - Open Deployment tool Command prompt as administrator.
For the machine without WADK -  Open a command prompt as Administrator & browse to OSCDIMG tool download location.

Now, run the following command :-

OSCDIMG –b[location of] –u1 –d –m –h [Source] [ISO file location]

-b - This parameter make the ISO file bootable but you have to provide the boot file, this is the file which makes Microsoft OS ISO file bootable (no space between –b & etfs file location).
-u1 - Produces an image that has both the UDF file system and the ISO 9660 file system.
-d - Does not force lowercase file names to uppercase.
-m - Ignores the maximum size limit of an image.
-h - Includes hidden files and directories.

It will take some time to create the ISO file. The ISO file created will be bootable.
Other Details & additional parameters are available here.

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