Part 2 - Connecting a Hyper-V server 2012 when it's in Workgroup

Now, the machine is in workgroup.

Windows 8 Machine

We need to make some settings in the Windows 8 machine so that our hyper-v console directly connects to the Hyper-V server for this we will be adding the account (NC2PWSHYVS12\pranay)
Created in the above step for connecting to the resources of Hyper-V server.

Adding the account using cmdkey command:-

Open the command prompt with elevated rights & run the following command:-

Press enter-

Enter the password & press enter.

If the above command is not executed & we try to connect to the hyper-v server using the Hyper-v manager from Windows 8 machine we get an error something like this:-

Accessing Hyper-V server from Windows 8 machine

Right click on the hyper-V console on a Windows 8 machine & select connect to server:-
(Note – Hyper-V role needs to be enabled on a windows 8 machine for enabling this role. Go To control panel-> program & features -> Turn windows features on or off->Select the hyper-V features and click ok. This Feature is available in Windows 8 Enterprise for other version on Windows 8 we need to install RSAT Details mentioned below).

Enter the name of the server:-

The server will be connected successfully.

Create a machine after this to verify the working & rights:-
I created a new machine just to check user rights & the machine was created successfully:-

Download RSAT for Windows 8:-

For Other Windows 8 Editions we need to install RSAT:-

Download Link:-

Windows 7 Machine


Before starting to connect from the hyper-v machine we need to change COM security settings & configure the local user create in Hyper-v Server to use the shared resources.

DCOMCNFG Settings:- 

Go to Start menu & search for DCOMCNFG (you need elevated rights for using this tool):-

Expand Component services -> Computers -> My Computers

Right Click on My Computers & select Properties:-

Go to COM Security Tab & in Access Permissions Click on Edit Limits:-

Go to ANONYMOUS LOGON and check the Remote Access checkbox and click OK.

Adding User Using cmdkey command

Now we need to add the local user which was created in hyper-v server using cmdkey command:-

Enter the password for the user & press enter.
After entering the correct credentials, the credentials will be added for using remote resources:-

Download RSAT for Windows 7

As Hyper-V Role is not present in Windows 7 so we need to install RSAT –

Download Link:-


Install RSAT & Enable Hyper-V

Download & install KB958830:-

Click yes to proceed with the installation:-

Accept the EULA:-

Click on Close to end the Wizard:-

Once RSAT is installed we will get Administrative tools in the Start Menu:-

There is no Hyper-V role present, so we need to add this roles to the Administrative tools for doing this go to Control Panel -> Programs & Features & click on Turn Windows Features on or off :-

Expand Remote Server Administration Tools:-

Select Hyper-V Tools & click OK:-

The installation process will begin:-

After the process completes, Hyper-V Manager will be present in Administrative Tools:-

Open Hyper-V Console, Right Click & select Connect to server:-

Enter the name of the machine & click OK.

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