Provide Read Permission to a folder in C:\ for all domain users, using Group Policy


1.  Click on Start -> Go to Administrative Tools -> Click on Group Policy Management

2.       Group Policy Console Opens, Create a new Group Policy Object.
Right Click on Domain Name & Select on “Create a GPO in the domain...”

3.       Name the GPO.

4.       Right click on the newly created GPO and select Edit.

5.       Group Policy Management Editor opens & Go to File System (path Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\File System)

6.       Right Click on File System & Click on Add File.

7.       Browse to C:\TEMP(Before this Create a folder in C drive naming TEMP)

8.       Click on Add

9.       Enter Domain Users name in the object name & click OK

10.   Provide Read only access for Domain Users.

11.   Click OK.

12.   Update the Group Policy.

Now, Every Deployed machine will have read access to C:\TEMP for Domain Users.

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