Setting Mobile device management authority to Configuration Manager in Windows Intune

Before starting this post i would like to mention few things here :-

1. Once the Mobile device management authority is set to Configuration Manager there is no direct UI to revert the changes. So, it's better to decide first weather you want to use Windows Intune or Configuration Manager for Mobile device management & then proceed with the setting.

2. If you made a change & want to revert it back the only way is to contact MS Support, register a case & they revert the setting back to the unconfirmed state.

Microsoft support can be contacted on - 800 642 7676

Once you register the case, you may be asked to perform following action :-

1. Retire all Modern Devices (mobile devices) from within the Microsoft Intune Admin Console.  It is important that you do not attempt to retire a device from the device itself for this procedure to be executed.  

2. Delete the Service To Service Connector (under Administration > Mobile Device Management > Microsoft Exchange).
Or Disable the Exchange Connector if you have set that up.

3. Remove any and all side-loading keys and code-signing certificates from the Microsoft Intune Admin Console.

4. Delete the iOS APNs certificate in Administration > Mobile Device Management > iOS page.

5. Delete any and all published applications that are for MDM Devices in Software > Managed Software.

Then the MS team work on reverting the setting.

So, lets start the process :-

We are setting Configuration manager or SCCM as the Mobile device management authority here, so go to you SCCM console - Administrator/Cloud services/Windows Intune Subscription

From the upper ribbon select add Windows Intune Subscription :-

Click on next to continue :-

Now, for adding the subscription you will need to login to windows intune click on "sign in".

It will give you a message saying the settings cannot be reverted,  Tick the check box & click on OK to continue :- 

Login to the windows intune console :-

Once the login is successful you will be redirected back to the "create windows intune subscription wizard" & this time the signin option would be grayed, click on next to proceed :-

Provide the details, Like a user collection (whose members would be able to enroll devices), company name, company URL, color scheme & configuration manager site code & then click on next to proceed :-

Don't select anything here these settings can be done later, click next to continue :-

 Provide the company details & then click next to continue :-

 Provide the company logo :-

Review the summary & click on next to continue :-

Once the wizard finishes there is a warning message saying "You must add the windows intune connector site system role" so, lets do that but first, Click on close to end the wizard :-

Now, when you go & see the Mobile device management authority setting in Windows Intune it will be set to Configuration Manager :-

 Let's install the role then, go back to SCCM console, Administrator/ site configuration/servers & site system roles. Right click on the site server name & select add site system roles :-

Review the settings & click on next to continue :-

Click on next to continue :-

 Select windows intune connector role & click on next to continue :-

Review the summary & Next :-

Click on close to end the wizard :-

Role has been installed successfully :-

Details -

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