Configuring Hyper-V Cluster Storage in SCVMM 2012 R2 - Rough Notes

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I am working on creating a 4 Node Hyper host cluster in SCVMM & here is a rough note of what the cluster storage should be like.

Storage :-

The storage is the server which is used by SCVMM Cluster to store the VHD’s of Virtual machines the storage can be anything a CSV or a SMB share. 

Add a storage server in SCVMM

Select "SAN and NAS devices discovered and managed by a SMI-S provider"

Provide the details of the storage

Go through the wizard to add the storage.
Once the storage is added it will be shown in “Classifications & pools” the next thing is to create Logical units or LUN’s. Then we allocate the storage pool to the Host group & then logical unit to the host group. If this step is not done the storage & the LUNs does not appear as available storage in cluster.

Create LUNs

Specify the name of the LUN & the size :-

Now, we will be allocating the storage pool & the Logical unit we just created to the host group. Click on the home ribbon & select Allocate capacity.

Select the Host Group from the drop down menu & click on Allocate Storage Pools :-

All the available storage pools are displayed here, select the appropriate pool & click on Add to assign it to the host group :-

Similarly for the allocation of LUN’s, click on allocate from the home ribbon & select allocate logical units:-

Similarly all the available logical unit will be shown here, select the appropriate logical unit & click on Add to assign it to the host group:-


Details of the logical unit can be verified from Fabric/Storage/Classification and pools/Storage server

Check the property of the Logical unit to see who are the initiators for this particular logical unit.

we can verify the hosts connected to the logical unit using the initiator addresses, basically the concept of the cluster is the same, when we create a failover cluster on Windows Server we connect the host to the storage using the ISCSI initiator so, when we use the iscsi initiator to connect to the storage or ISCSI Disks we use a Target to connect. This target is created on the storage server & the nodes of the cluster are allowed to connect & there's a initiator address for this here SCVMM uses the same underlying failover cluster concepts to build the cluster.

To verify the free space in a logical unit,
Right click the cluster & select properties :-

Goto shared volume from here you can check the free space present in cluster volume & can add or remove logical units.

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