DIRSYNC - Install Guide


We have been hearing lot about this tool lately but there are 3 main questions which pops in the mind -

1. What is it ?
2. How it works ?
3. How it will be beneficial for me & my organization ?

Let's dive deep 

What is it ?

The Azure Active directory sync tool is a server based application that you install on a domain joined server to synchronize your on premises active directory users to Office 365 for professionals and small businesses. You can install the tool on a server in Azure or on-premises.

Whenever we buy an Intune subscription or O365  subscription it creates an Azure Active Directory by default. If we have an Azure AD we can use DIRSYNC to sync the on premise user or your domain user to the Azure Active directory. The users present in Azure AD can login to a Windows 10, O365 (if he has the license & permissions) & Intune company portal.

How it works ?

Install it in any one of the domain joined machines & the tool runs every 3hr (default time set in the tool) sync the on premises AD users with the Azure AD.

How it will be beneficial for me & my organization ?

Sync all your user to Azure AD by this you just have to create the user once in your on-prmise AD, it then syncs directly with Azure AD using DIRSYNC.

Installation :-

DIRSYNC can be downloaded from here

After the download, Extract the Tool :-

Run the setup :-

Accept the EULA & Click on Install:-

Enter the credentials to connect to Azure AD & Click on Next:-

Enter the credentials for connecting to your forest (on-premises AD) & the click on Add Forest:-

Click Next :-

Leave everything default & Click on Next to continue :-

Check the required option & then click on next, make sure that the password synchronization is checked as this will bring the SSO experience across various MS cloud products :-

Check the required app, This will enable the same password feature across all app & after successful Directory synchronization your on premise domain account syncs with azure AD & the same domain account password syncs with all these apps :- 

These are the attributes for the objects created in AD, Leave the things default & then click next :-

Click on Configure :-

Now it start configuring the selected options one by one :-

Click on Finish :-

After the installation of the tool, a shortcut appears in the desktop.

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