Login to a Windows 10 machine (Build # 10074) using Azure AD Account

Windows 10 Build # 10074 is out with the much talked, much awaited feature of logging in to a Windows 10 machine using an Azure AD Account. So, i tried the deployment of this build on a Virtual machine & then tried to login using my Azure AD account.

Once the machine is deployed using the ISO, it asks to do the configuration part the Wizard is similar to the one we were getting in Windows 8.1.

Select "Use Express Settings" here :-

After the initial setting is done, the Wizard asks if the device is a personal device or it belongs to the company, Select "This device belongs to my company" :-

 Let it configure :-

Click on "Continue" :-

Sign in to the machine using your Azure AD Account (organizational account):- 

Let it enroll the device :-

After the enrollment, it actually signs in to the machine using your Azure AD Account - Mission accomplished ! :)

Now, log on to Azure & browse to Azure Active  Directory / Users - select the user account you used to sign in & then click on devices, the name of Windows 10 machine should appear there :-

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