Putting a Hyper-V Cluster Host in maintenance mode in SCVMM

In a SCVMM Host cluster, the main concern is to make all the Virtual machines running on the hyper-v cluster highly available & in such case proper maintenance of hyper-V hosts becomes an important factor. Here's a process which SCVMM provides right out of the box where you can put the hyper-v hosts on maintenance mode right from the console.

Right click on the Hyper-V cluster host & select "Start Maintenance Mode"

Before doing this check if all hosts are responding well & the storage is in healthy condition.

The next option is when the server goes in maintenance mode what do you want to do with the VM's, you have option to live migrate the VM's to other hyper-v hosts present in the cluster or to place all the VM's in saved state. 

Check Jobs for the successful completion of the VM & storage migration (if the host is owner of any of the  ISCSI disks then it will also get migrated to other host once a hyper-v host is put in maintenance mode).

This is the best way to perform maintenance, using this process you can put the hosts on maintenance mode before patching or before any hardware maintenance.

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