Part 13 - SCCM 2012 R2 Installation : Configuring SCCM Primary Site (Accounts)

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Go to Administrator\Site configuration\sites

Client installation account -

Click on Client installation settings\Client push installation :-

Check if "Enable automatic site-wide client push installation" is disabled, Keep the setting disabled so that you have control over client installation :-

Go to the Accounts Tab, Click the yellow icon & select "New Account":-

 Enter the account details & click on verify :-

Enter a network path to the site & click on test connection :-

Verify if it works :-

Netwrok Access Accounts :-

Click on Configure site components & select Software Distribution :-

Click the yellow icon:-

Click on "New Account" :-

Provide the Network Access account details & click on verify, Add a network path & test the connection :-

Click Ok to end the wizard :-

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  1. For this, we need to create users ie 'sccm.client' & '' in Domain Controller Server.
    The shared folders ie 'Deploy My Windows'(optional folder name provided by you) & 'SMSPKGC$' is in the drive of 'SCCM Server'.