Part 15 - SCCM 2012 R2 Installation : Distributing Boot Image packgae to Distributing Point (DP)

After SCCM Primary site is installed successfully, the next thing is to distribute the boot image to Distribution Point, There are 2 boot image packages which are created by default for different system architecture. They are under - Software Library\Operating Systems\Boot images

Right click in the boot image & select "Properties" They are few settings which needs to be changed before the boot image are distributed to the DP:-

Go to the Data Access Tab & check "Copy the content in the package to a package share on the distribution point" (This will copy the boot image bits to the distribution point) :-

Go to the "Distribution Settings" Tab & set the :-

Priority to High,
Check "Distribute the content of the package to the preferred distribution points"
Select - "Automatically download content when packages are assigned to the Distribution Point"

  Go to the Customization Tab & check "Enable command support (testing only) & the click on OK"

  Right click on the Boot image & select Distribute Content :-

 Click on Next :-

Click on Add :- 

 Select Distribution Point :-

Check the Distribution Point & click on OK :- 

Click on Next to continue :- 

Click Next :- 

Click on Close to end the Wizard :- 

Once the package is distributed successfully the Content Status for the package will change to Green (When the Content distribution is in progress the content status us Yellow) :-

You can go to the Distribution point folder  & verify if the package was distributed to the DP, a folder with the package id is created in DP, for the boot image we distributed the package id was DMW00005 & it has been copied successfully to the DP :-

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