Windows 10 Security

Windows 10 Security

Watch this Channel 9 Video by Chris Hallum, Dustin Ingalls on Cyper security & how Windows 10 Solves this problem

Video Takeaway -

Virtual secure mode (VSM) -

Hypervisor in the PC, Boot a mini OS & put sensitive windows component in the OS. This secure the kernel.

Local security Auth Service - Trust list mini OS own security authority.

No network, No UI, Nothing to touch it's just a black box that runs of its own.

Virtual TPM Component - on server VTPM runs on a secure environment.
Hyper-visor code integrity - Looks at the image & see if it's signed.

Password - Microsoft passport
an asymmetrical key pair
use pin
provisioned via PKI or create locally via Windows 10
Passport has the ability to generate it's own key.
Your device is one of the factors
credentials can be secured by hardware(TPM).
can use biometrics

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