Host your website in Azure

This article describes the process of hosting website in Azure using FTP. Azure provides a great platform to host websites, you can scale your website anytime you want depending on the load on your website and the “pay as you go” pricing method in Azure is much better than many other hosting company available in the market (at least you don’t have to pay for a year at once).

So, let go through the process of hosting a website in Azure.

I have created a simple HTML page which I will be hosting in Azure. 

Go to & click on "MY ACCOUNT" 

Click on Management portal 

Login with your Microsoft or Office 365 Account

Once you are logged in to your account, you will see all the services & there status in ALL ITEMS

Click on NEW at the bottom left corner of the screen, Then click on COMPUTE, then WEB APP, Then QUICK CREATE and then provide a name to the website (this name should be unique) after entering the name click on "CREATE WEB APP"

You can see the status of the process in a message bar

Click on the newly created site 

You can see the message "Your web app has been created!" various customization options are available here.

Click on DASHBOARD Tab 

Scroll down you can see the URL of the website, Click on the URL.

This is the page which is provided by default, we will be overwriting this page with our custom website

Now again go back to the DASHBOARD & click on "Reset your deployment credentials"

Enter a User Name & password for the account, this username and password is for the FTP account. We will be connecting to the FTP server of this website using this account

Once the user id is created, it will be displayed in "DEPLOYMENT/FTP USER"

Now copy the link under "FTP HOST NAME"

Paste it in a file explorer & hit enter

Once it's connected it will ask for the user id & password to connect to the FTP share, Enter the DEPLOYMENT CREDENTIALS that we have set earlier & click on Log On

Once it's connected you will see two folders LogFiles & site, go to site folder 

Then under site go to wwwroot folder

Here copy your Website contents

I have created a simple html website for demo purpose which has a background image placed inside the images folder

After the upload is finished go to CONFIGURE Tab in your Azure Account

Scroll down & go to the default documents section & set your default page here as the first option, after this hit Save.

Refresh the URL & now your URL should display your webpage.

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