Is Apple missing out details?

The much hyped & waited iPhone 6s is out now for pre-order. Apple once again did a great presentation & demoed there product in a way which made the audience fall in love with it. The new iPhone is surely one of the best high end smartphone available in the market with A9 processor, 2GB RAM, 12 MP camera, Taptic engine & iOS 9. Apple says “The only thing that's changed is everything” & they have really changed everything…Yes everything the Battery too. The presentation that apple gave in SF was great but was missing some of the most important details about their new iPhone’s & the audience do noticed that, after the event the web was filled with questions like :-

What’s the RAM in the new iPhone?
What about the battery?
Why Apple didn’t changed the storage model for the new iPhone’s?

And after some time we got confirmation about the RAM & Battery from Apple. The new iPhone comes with 2 GB of RAM which is good but here’s the worst part, Apple confirmed that the battery in its new iPhone models are smaller than the previous iPhone. iPhone 6s has 1715 mAh battery which is 95 mAh less than what we had in previous iPhone model (iPhone 6 - 1810 mAh). 

Now, the Question is why they did this?

The simple answer to this complicated question is to, have the Taptic feature in the new iPhone’s. They placed the Taptic Engine Hardware right below the battery which made the battery smaller.

But why? Was Taptic engine that important?

Yes, it was. If you do the maths Apple did a wonderful job & sold a huge number of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus last year, for this year they really needed a product with a new technology similar to the way they launched iPhone 5s with Touch ID. So, from sells point of view they really needed that but from the consumer point of view it’s isn’t cool. Battery is one of the most important part of a smartphone & it really doesn’t make sense to have 3D touch for the cost of battery degrade.

Now the question is what Apple’s engineering team is doing are they really missing out the key details which at the time of Steve Jobs was not missed? 

In the book by Jay Elliot – “The Steve Jobs Way: ILeadership for a New Generation” he mentioned that Steve Jobs was only concerned about one thing & it was the details about a product. He was so much into details that he even asks engineers about why a decision was made so, that he can be sure the best decision was taken in designing a particular product.
If you check Apples previous track record, this is the first time they launched a product without going too deep into the design.
The Kind of money & people apple has, this is not a big thing for them to fix and surely it would be fixed in the next version of iPhone but it drive us to a whole new discussion, was these models launched in a hurry & just to follow the decorum of launching a new iPhone every year in the month of September? Everybody knows if apple has time to re-engineer these product they would surely get a fix for the battery.

So, Why was the Product launched, did apple needed more time with these versions of iPhone?

The answer is Yes, They needed more time. The Engineering team needed to fix the battery issue but if you look the whole thing from marketing perspective the launch cannot be delayed. The company history says that they made a huge loss after delaying the launch of Macintosh back in 90’s & they surely don’t wanted to repeat the same thing again.
Apple says that iOS 9 will improve the battery utilization & says iPhone 6s will give backup for almost 10 hrs in a normal working day but this kind of backup is not enough.

The Final Question, Should we still buy the new iPhone's?

The Spec looks good but wait till 25th Sept for the reviews. I am a big apple fan & apple no doubt is the best design company in this planet but the fact that “How a company like Apple can think of degrading what they had in previous version” is giving me second thoughts.
It’s an iPhone & I am also sure that this version will also cross the last version sales record and at last the matter of the fact is “If you don’t have an iPhone… well, you don’t have an iPhone”

But I would really like to congrats 6S Marketing Team, Hey…your marketing strategy worked & now the world knows who you are.

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