Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade using MDT Upgrade TS [MDT 2013 Update 2]

This article provides the idea about the upgrade feature present in MDT 2013 Update 2. Let's create a MDT Upgrade Task Sequence & upgrade a Windows 7 machine to Windows 10.

Create the Upgrade Task sequence on MDT Server :-

You can create a standalone media or update the deployment share & do a network deployment. I created a standalone media & copied it on a Windows 7 machine.

On Windows 7 machine :-

Properties of Windows 7 machine.
User has few apps installed, few files copied to desktop:-

On the windows 7 machine go to deploy\scripts folder of the mounted media[you can also connect to the deployment share then browse to the same path] & run LiteTouch.vbs file :-

After running the LiteTouch.vbs file the MDT wizard appears :-

Select the Task Sequence :-

Provide the local admin password & select your desired option for bitlocker & click on begin :-

The Upgrade process starts :-

After the upgrade process completes MDT will show this Wizard :-

The machine will be upgraded to Windows 10:-

Check the properties of Windows 10 machine :-

User data & application remains unaffected :-

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