Part 6 - All About Azure Resource group, Web API & App Service Plan : Move Resource to a different Subscription (which is on a Different AAD).

Till Part 5 of this article we saw how we can move any resource from one subscription to another but sometime a scenario can arise in which you want to move the subscription which is present in a different azure directory(AAD) for such case we will have to move the subscription to the azure directory where the resource resides and then move the resource to the subscription. This process is explained below -

Below is the subscription that we are moving from the current AAD to a new AAD -

Goto Cost Management + Billing in your azure instance and click on the subscription which you plan to move -

In the subscription unser overview click on "Change Directory" -

Choose the name of the directory from the drop down list & then click on Change -

After this azure will start the migration of subscription. A notification should be shown after the successfull migration of the subscription.

Please, wait for 15-20 mins for the migration of Subscription to be effective from backend. After this you can migrate the resource by following the Part 5 Tutorial of this series.

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