Verify if the SCCM Schema is extended using ADSI Edit.

After extending the SCCM Schema using the ExtDSch.exe located in the SMSSETUP\BIN\I386 folder on the Configuration Manager 2012 installation media. The ExtAdsh.exe file does not display the output when it runs, however it generates a log file in the root of the system drive folder naming extadsch.log which shows the message “Successfully extended the active directory schema” If the schema was extended successfully.
But if an admin wants to know what actually happened at the AD side he can log on to AD & using ASDI Edit console he can check the classes & attributes created after schema extension.
Here are the steps to perform the action:-
Log on to AD & using the server manager, go to Tools \ ADSI Edit

From the ADSI Edit console, Right click on ADSI Edit & click on “connect to”:-

In the connection settings, click the drop down menu for “Select a well known naming context:” & select “Schema” from the drop down menu:-

Click Ok after the selection.

From the schema console check the Classes & attributes:-

Following are the classes which are created after SMS 2003, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2012 schema extension :-
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Management-Point
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundary-Range
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Server-Locator-Point
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Site

Following are the attributes which are created after SCCM 2007, SCCM 2012 schema extension:-
  • cn=mS-SMS-Assignment-Site-Code
  •  cn=mS-SMS-Capabilities
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Default-MP
  •  cn=mS-SMS-Device-Management-Point
  •  cn=mS-SMS-Health-State
  •  cn=MS-SMS-MP-Address
  •  cn=MS-SMS-MP-Name
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-High
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-Low
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundaries
  •  cn=MS-SMS-Site-Boundaries
  •   cn=MS-SMS-Site-Code
  •  cn=mS-SMS-Source-Forest
  •   cn=mS-SMS-Version

Following are the attributes which are created after SMS 2003 schema extension:-
  • MS-SMS-Site-Code
  • MS-SMS-Assignment-Site-Code
  • MS-SMS-Site-Boundaries
  • MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundaries
  • MS-SMS-Default-MP
  • MS-SMS-Device-Management-Point
  • MS-SM-MP-Name
  • MS-SMS-MP-Address
  • MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-Low
  • MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-High

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